Welcome to the site the Pansory Sound Institute.

PSI organises activities around Pansori Living Sound in the widest sense of the word.

What does the Pansori Sound Institute do?

The PSI offers the opportunity to share experiences, discuss communal topics, store research findings, meet eachother for trainings, and exchange ideas.

You also can find information about pansori-therapists bij clicking here

What is Pansori Living Sound?

PLS is a unique and fascinating way of using our voice as an instrument for healing.
The founder of this approach is Yvonne de Bruijn  who, after years of intensive research into the power of the voice and resonance, in 2008 decided to make her findings public.

There is a two years training in Pansori Living Sound and also a additional training in a third year.Yvonne wrote a book and record CD’s over Pansori Living Sound. Click here for more information.

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